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29 June 2013

Oracle Announcements with Saleforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft: Back to Focus on Infrastructure.The company missed its Q2 numbers and of course analysts worry and wonder whether Oracle is missing the cloud computing opportunity.

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Oracle hasn’t been getting a lot of respect lately. The company missed its Q2 numbers and of course analysts worry and wonder whether Oracle is missing the cloud computing opportunity.

Not so. This week Oracle signed three significant alliance agreements, both focused on providing core database technology and software integration with both SalesForce.Com and Netsuite, two of the fastest growing companies in cloud computing. And along with this, Oracle signed a similar agreement with Microsoft to enable Java developers to use Oracle tools for their application development, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud services with Oracle’s database and tools.

Let’s remember: Oracle is in the database and tools business. Any business relationship that encourages a fast-growing vendor to use Oracle’s tools and technology is a good thing for Oracle. And that’s what these relationships are all about., one of the bellweather providers of cloud computing services (this company has reinvented the CRM market and created a huge wake which enables other cloud computing companies to grow), signed a 9 year agreement to use Oracle DBMS technology. And this is significant: Oracle’s DBMS business is huge, and upstart fast-growing companies like Workday (and also Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) have learned how to use non-Oracle DBMS technology to grow.

In this move Oracle shows that it’s newest cloud database (Oracle 12c) is competitive, compelling, and a platform for growth. So not only does Oracle gain Salesforce as a major partner going forward, they can help convince hundreds of other new cloud vendors to standardize on Oracle’s open cloud computing services.

Yes, Oracle competes with Salesforce in applications. And yes, Salesforce does use Workday for its own internal applications. But these are small issues for Oracle. When a $2.8 billion vendor signs a 9 year agreement to use Oracle’s latest technology for its core platform, that’s a great thing for Oracle.

(By the way, another part of the agreement is a commitment for Salesforce and NetSuite to integrate its apps with Oracle’s cloud-based HR services. Time will tell how big this becomes, but remember Oracle acquired Taleo just a year or so ago, so the company already owns one of the largest online recruiting systems in the cloud. So this too has promise.)

Analysts are having a lot of fun arguing about what this means for Oracle’s applications business, whether or not Oracle will partner with Salesforce, and when and if Oracle will acquire NetSuite. These are fun things to speculate about: the real meat is that Oracle has further entrenched its core database and tools business among leaders in the cloud. And this is bullish for Oracle in the longrun.

29 June 2013

Google Inc(GOOG.O) is developing a videogame console and a wristwatch based on its Android operating system, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

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The devices could be available as soon as this Fall, the report, which cited anonymous sources, said.

Google, the world's No.1 Web search engine, is also working on a revamped version of the Nexus Q music-streaming device, the report said. Google unveiled the Nexus Q in June 2012, but never released the product, which received critical reviews.

Google is increasingly involved in the hardware business as it seeks to better compete against iPhone-maker Apple Inc (AAPL.O). It acquired mobile phone company Motorola Mobility last year and Google is currently testing a wearable computing device known as Google Glass.

Google's Android operating system is the world's most popular mobile software, featured on three out of every four smartphones sold. A video game console could provide a significant opportunity for Google to expand Android's reach beyond its stronghold in smartphones and tablets.

Google was not immediately available for comment. (Reporting By Alexei Oreskovic. Editing by Andre Grenon)

29 June 2013

Software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), today said the comprehensive immigration bill passed by the US Senate will have a bearing not only on domestic companies but would also impact US firms.

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Software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), on Friday said the comprehensive immigration bill passed by the US Senate will have a bearing not only on domestic companies but would also impact the US firms.

"The comprehensive immigration bill will not only impact companies like us, but all US companies (will also be impacted)," TCSmanaging director and chief executive N Chandrasekaran told reporters on the sidelines of company's annual general meeting here.

He, however, said TCS is carefully observing the development, adding that "The bill has to go through multiple stages, further process is lengthy and it has passed through only the first stage".

The US Senate yesterday passed the landmark comprehensive immigration reform bill that will provide a pathway to citizenship to some 11 million illegal immigrants, including over 240,000 Indians, but it retained killer provisions when it comes to H-1B Visas that would badly hit Indian companies in the US.

Commenting on sharp fall in rupee, Chandrasekaran said, "It will have positive impact on TCS in this quarter."

While elaborating the hedging strategy, he said, "We have risk management committee which meets frequently and reviews".

Earlier, addressing shareholders as the Chairman for the first time,Cyrus Mistry said that despite volatile economic environment, the global markets offer substantial opportunities.

The company remains confident that the FY 14 will bring greater opportunities as it continues to identify new growth engines and invest ahead of the curve in products, platforms and intellectual property that is of relevance to customer and their business growth, Mistry said.


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