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Software Testing

In software development, quality assurance and testing are very important. Our QA specialists who are experts in multiple technologies, platforms and standards ensure delivery of high quality solutions by using manual and automated testing methods & tools.

Our Expertise: 

  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • Client-server software

Quality Assurance and Testing Services:

  • Functional and Regression Testing
  • GUI and Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Installation/Configuration Testing
  • System/Integration Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Internationalization/Localization Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Software QA Consulting
  • Full Lifecycle Process Improvement
  • QA Process Consulting
  • Test Strategy Elaboration and Management


QTP is UI automation software designed for testing Web-based and Windows based applications running on Microsoft Windows. Like other test automation tools, it works by identifying the objects in the application UI or a web page and performing the desired operations on them (like mouse clicks or keyboard events). QTP can also be used to capture object properties like name or handler ID etc. To perform these actions, it uses a scripting language built on top of VBScript to specify the test procedure, manipulate the objects and control the application under test. To perform sophisticated actions, users may need to manipulate the underlying VBScript.

Though QTP is usually used for "UI Based" Test Case Automation, it can automate some "Non-UI" based Test Cases.


WinRunner is functional testing software for enterprise IT applications. It captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically. You can identify defects and determine whether business processes are working as designed or not. WinRunner software implements a proprietary Test Script Language (TSL) that allows customization and parameterization of user input.


LoadRunner can emulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of real-life user loads, while collecting information from key infrastructure components (Web servers, database servers etc). The results can then be analysed in detail, to explore the reasons for particular behaviour.

Rational Tools

Rational Tools are manual tools for test authoring by non-technical users. It reduces overhead for manual testing because it can be used repeatedly in a modular fashion.

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